What is Sacred Sensual Living?


Sacred Sensual Living is:

  • living life on your own terms through joy not struggle
  • feeling inspired as you go about your days
  • learning how to fulfill your potential with easy and natural practices
  • consciously creating the life your heart is yearning for

Does your day-to-day life feel beautiful and authentically you? Are you prioritizing what feels most meaningful?

If your life feels flat, mundane or like a whirlwind, then you’re out of touch with what moves your soul and makes you tick from deep within. You deserve to feel better than that.

The world is brimming with pleasure and inspiration – art, music, nature, conversations, stories, movement, adventures into new terrain, delicious food, love poems and fascinating cultures. Your body is designed to revel in these experiences, and when you do, you tap into your soul’s sweetest spot.

Sacred Sensual Living shows you how to:

  • practice sensory mindfulness as a way to tap into your divine guidance
  • stay in alignment with your highest self wherever you are
  • create a divinely-kissed lifestyle
  • access the sweet spot where soul-peace meets enthusiasm (the god within)

Are you ready to live inspired? Explore some posts to start learning how to live a full and meaningful life.


Top 10 Tips for Sacred Sensual Living

  1. Love yourself madly

  2. Engage in sensory mindfulness

  3. Develop soul-peace

  4. Appreciate beauty often

  5. Live inspired

  6. Indulge in pleasure

  7. Make it meaningful

  8. Let your intuition lead

  9. Luxuriate in self care

  10. Listen to what your heart wants

Scatter Joy 2

Beautiful Things & Golden Moments: Birthday Edition

Why is it so important to notice the simple yet beautiful things that comprise your daily life? Because the more your appreciate them, the more you’ll notice them, and soon they’ll be nudging out the bland and boring. Usher in what makes you smile and feel a spark of inspiration. It sounds too simple, but maybe that’s why I like it so much! Cultivate mindfulness about your environment and be present to the colors, scents, sounds and movement all around you. Your life will bloom with pleasure and meaningful enjoyment.

Leading up to my birthday, I received a divine editorial thumbs up when these babies landed, one right after the other, right on my keyboard as I was deep into writing. (Stay tuned for more news on this exciting project!) I work outside as much as possible – the fresh air amps up my creativity!


Later that day I took a hike and froze when I saw this (it was really kind of glowing but the photos don’t quite capture that). It was like I had entered a little magical world. Notice the same lilac color as the angel wings above! lilac lichenMy birthday was full of happy surprises and several truly golden moments. Here’s a peek, though it doesn’t include all of the lovely well-wishes or the heavenly massage (or the champagne or the cherry vanilla with hot fudge…). The concert was the Amber Symphony Orchestra playing a free outdoor concert of movie music – Star Wars, Star Trek, Frozen, The Pink Panther, Hatari (Baby Elephant Walk) – so fun and perfect for a picnic dinner! Hmm, there’s that lilac color again.

collage 6.10.15Post birthday weekend was the Plein Air painting event in Chestnut Hill. Lots of artists set up their easels and painted scenes along Germantown Avenue. It was cool to see how each one had their own vision and style.

art art1 artpaletteThese talented guys (Tom Krumm, fiddle and Matt Madden, guitar) were playing gypsy jazz in one of the galleries. They often set up on the sidewalk near the restaurant across from my house. The swinging tunes waft over and serenade me while I’m working outside. What an inspiring soundtrack for writing about the sensory pleasures that enrich our lives!

music1Okay I’m cheating a bit with this one. I took it a couple weeks before my birthday when I was visiting my mom. The baby donkey had been born about five days before this shot. Her name is Charlotte, nickname Charlie, and the day I saw her she was keeping an eye on mom but also doing some exploring on her own. Too cute not to include.

baby donkey Enjoy whatever treasures you come across and revel in the sheer delight of their beauty and splendor. Why not? They’re there to lighten your heart and perk up your day. Cheers!

What Your Heart Truly Wants

Taking a moment to appreciate beauty and

1sky1the wonders of nature

1sky2softens your emotions and

1sky3aligns your spirit so

1sky4you are open to receiving

1sky5what your heart truly wants

Embracing Earthy Energy

Iris budI opened the front door this morning and the sweet, warm smell of freshly mown grass rolled into the house. I peered out over the exploding fuchsia Rhododendron blooms and saw the first irises unfolding their silky layers and splaying into fragile plumes. Bird songs filled the air, like a soundtrack for the cinematic colors and lush textures of spring.Iris4

When the Sun in in Taurus, we’re more in tune with our physical bodies and the pleasure we derive from our sensory experiences. We gravitate toward what nourishes us, both physically and on a soul level. Just-picked strawberries and tender asparagus (or maybe for you it’s bar-b-que’d ribs on the grill) soothe our souls. After the wrapped-up winter, our skin welcomes a brush of soft air and it’s mild enough to linger with another under the stars.

Iris3aIt’s the perfect season to ask: What moves your soul? Maybe it’s cooking an al fresco dinner for friends or going to see live music at your favorite local spot. Indulge. Let yourself feel it, hear it and taste it. Relish. Let the physical world nurture your deepest and most authentic you. Luxuriate. irisPleasure leads to well-being. And well-being is the sister of intuition – you’ll get in tune with the signs and symbols that grace your life and show you the easier, more natural way.

So go ahead and linger in the morning bakery, sip the cold glass of chardonnay in the garden while admiring your irises and give someone you love a back rub. It’s all sweet music to your soul.Iris w&p

Spring Palette: Between 2 Worlds

Clouds come floating into my life,
no longer to carry rain or usher storm,
but to add color to my sunset sky.
- Rabindranath Tagore, Stray Birds

Colors evoke emotions and can symbolize the themes that underpin our lives at any given time. We are surrounded by color, from the chartreuse glow of back-lit leaves to the copper-flecked hazel eyes starring back at us. Do you notice the millions of hues around you?

We assign colors meanings, but they can change over time or when new influences float into view and alter our perspective. The palettes of our daily lives evolve and flow, just like the deep teal ocean at tide high recedes into a soft emerald as the golden sun sinks low.

What colors are moving your heart and soul these days? Consider what’s catching your eye and see if you can discover what emotions are stirred as you gaze at the shades. Like a mood ring from the 70s, color can help you identify where you are so you can decide where you want to be. Would another color mood feel better to you? Seek it out and see how it affects your sense of well-being.

In both circumstance and emotion, I am currently between 2 beautiful yet very different worlds. Here’s what that looks and feels like:

SSL Spring PaletteWhat does your Spring Palette look and feel like?

Beautiful Things & Golden Moments: Caregiving Edition

Thirty minutes after I arrived to visit my 90-year-old mother, she had a car mishap and fractured her L1 vertebrae. Forty-eight hours later we emerged from the hospital and I commenced upon an unplanned 4-week long, 24/7 care-giving venture. Although it was often stressful and exhausting, our time together was sacred and there were many sensory experiences that provided glimmers of light and laughs along the way. You can find inspiration almost anywhere if you want to and if you keep an open mind about where it might come from. On the roller-coaster of extreme pain, spring arriving, setbacks, flowers sent, harsh meds and loving visits, here’s where we found ours…

3.6.15 IMG_20150316_192247_208 IMG_20150317_143717_455 12 inches the day before I drove from Philly to North Carolina





sublime sky from her front porch the day we arrived home from the hospital




idyllic scenery on my walks – fresh air in my lungs and sunshine on my face fortified me like never before


teddyon some afternoons I lazed about on the twin bed in her room, keeping her company – in these moments we shared stories, including her heart-breaking one about the loss of herĀ  childhood teddy bear




mom portrait

she did laps with her walker around the living room, stopping sometimes here and there to look at photos or mementos – we passed by this portrait of her many times – it was done when she was a very young woman by American artist John Folinsbee who she studied with in New Hope, PA





redbud blooms were a reliable source of smiles and excitement, even on the hardest days





found dusty in a dish of marbles under a green ceramic frog – I brought them home and washed them off – now they glow


cherry blossom 1


the cherry blossom tree we watched from her bedroom window changed a bit each day – from dormant to buds to a couple of blooms to bursting flowers to a darker pink to petals blowing off on a windy day, like snowflakes, to the tiniest green leaves appearing just before I left

santa claus

in her nightgown drawer I found I letter I had written to santa when I was 7, a pressed-flower card I’d sent her and a felt heart, embroidered with “I love you” and containing a bar of soap to make the lingerie drawer smell good – I’d made it in girl scouts (I have 2 others at home that I made – gold and purple – can’t bear to throw them out)



taking pictures relaxes and inspires me, even if it’s just for fun – my eye seems to always be looking for a good shot, no matter what I’m doing


IMG_20150403_182543_783the day before I left, Good Friday, I stepped outside and this baby grabbed my attention as clearly as if it had called my name – I left it as a positive omen for her healing, but I will definitely press it someday, and put it in my lingerie drawer



Everywhere Cathedrals

cathedral collage 2A humble leaf swimming in a puddle elicits as much awe from me as a soaring cathedral. Both are quiet and humble. Neither want to burden me; rather, they want to lift my spirits by giving me the gifts of awe and joy. I feel reverence to when looking up, and when looking down. Their beauty is overwhelming in its simplicity. I can even look through to the core, the heart. In both I see the Divine light of warmth and love. In both I feel comforted and lifted up. I appreciate their presence in my life.

In my own cathedral, I’m protected and exalted – the serene safety of nature allows me to feel a full rapture that is sunny and pure. My feet follow in footprints made by seekers and lovers of what is holy and beautiful. My heart follows this natural path, the one that always leads to wonder, the one that intersects with the forces of art and nature.

The longer I live, the more beautiful life becomes. – Frank Lloyd Wright

Gratitude bestows reverence, allowing us to encounter everyday epiphanies, those
transcendent moments of awe that change forever how we experience life and the world.

– John Milton

Photo at left: St. Henry’s Ecumenical Art Chapel in Turku, Finland. Photo by Jussi Tiainen. Originally published in Architectural Digest.


Finding Inspiration: Nature, Music and Magic Mushrooms

You never know what’s going to catch your eye or move you in some way. I like to snap things here and there to record striking colors, interesting patterns and whatever I find beautiful in its own way. And sometimes I just can’t let the face of a cherub on my shiitake get away without documentation. Here’s what turned up in the past week…

Ice-melting creek, an impromptu colored-pencil drawing I did while listening to an odd music mix, a journal/sketchbook that I dolled up with handmade paper and an old pendant, the aforementioned cherub (I didn’t eat him), a rose from a magenta and orange bouquet that has been making me smile everyday for a week now, ice crystals creeping up my window pane, and the first page of a new chapter.

Inspiration Collage

And here’s what I conjured up today…

icy rose in frame art backgroundBeauty awakens the soul to act.
– Dante Alighieri


Swooping By: The Messages I Needed to Hear

Last winter around this time I walked through my neighborhood one cloudy day after several significant snowstorms had erased where lawn meets sidewalk meets road. It was silent and frigid; I was the only one outside. I’d been working intensely on a writing project so I’d gone days without talking to anyone. My cat, who was with me for 22 years, had passed away recently and I was in a state of melancholy where my heart felt so full of love yet so bereft at the same time. I felt very alone in that blank, frosty landscape.

As I turned onto a long, straight road, I saw something in the air flying unwaveringly down the corridor straight toward me. I stopped walking and just stared at it – it stared back, tiny black eyes set into its white-feathered head. As it sailed over, only about two feet above my head, I saw it’s creamy underside zig-zagged with light brown stripes spanning its breast and stretching out through its wide wings. I turned and watched it perch on an icy telephone wire, its reddish tail the only color in sight. We both stood there for a few minutes staring at each other, suspended in a whitewashed world.

Back at home I looked up the symbolic meaning of a falcon, convinced that’s what I’d seen. Transition and change through soul-growth and healing; a spirit messenger that moves through the sky, which is a link between the upper world and the lower world; the grace to fly alone. I found other meanings too, but these brought me comfort and a feeling of connection to my feline friend on the other side. After more research I realized the pictures of falcons and where they live didn’t really match up with the bird I saw. It didn’t matter. I’d received the messages that I needed to hear at the time.

Cut to this past Christmas. I was ambling around Whole Foods marveling at the displays of chocolate covered figs, colorful scarves and other holiday delights – my senses were all lit up. When I walked past a basket of holiday cards it was as if one box zeroed in on me, capturing my attention. Staring at me was a white-headed, red-tailed bird perched on a branch with snow swirling around it. The box was from the Sierra Club and the caption was: “red kite in snowstorm.” Oh, that was the bird, I thought. I bought the cards, happy to have found ones that resonated with me for this year’s outreach to friends and family.

The sun was setting as I drove home. As I slowed down to stop at a red light in front our our local art museum, a huge bird flew right past my windshield – I clearly saw it’s creamy underside zig-zagged with light brown stripes spanning its breast and stretching out through its wide wings. It perched on a tree branch just off the road and stayed there as I stared at it until the light turned. I was dumbstruck – the box of cards was on the passenger seat next to me.

I was leaving the next day to visit my elderly mom – a pleasant thing to do but one that requires that I completely downshift and put all my projects on hold. My mom’s an artist, and I’d started making a new form of art over the past few months, though I wasn’t sure “why” (as in, where it might lead). Looking up symbolism for the red kite I found: grace & gentleness; breathe and relax so you can hear new thoughts and messages; take a broader view; prophesy. I also found that the red kite doesn’t live anywhere in the U.S. It didn’t matter. They were the messages I needed to hear at the time.

As I sat down to write a post today, I didn’t know what to write about. I chose a Pandora station and the second song that played included these lyrics: “A red-tailed hawk circled overhead.” Dave Alvin sang the line again: “A red-tailed hawk circled overhead.” (From the song “Down on the Riverbed.”).

The symbolism for hawks includes: seeing things from a higher perspective; observing while focusing in at the same time; finding your tribe; tapping into your intuition; and taking the lead when the time is right. Hawks are plentiful where I live, including the red-tailed variety, but upon looking at pictures, none of them had a white head. It didn’t matter. They were the messages I needed to hear today as I embark upon a couple of large projects (a mix of art & writing) that will require focus, trusting my intuition, possibly a new tribe and putting myself into a leadership role, when the time is right.

The veils between worlds can be thick or thin depending on how much we want to “hear” – messages are always floating around, maybe right above us. If we want to receive them, we just need to look up and allow them to alight, as we maintain a state of relaxed appreciation. Nature is effortless – we can take a cue from its ease: glide and perch, flow and observe. There’s no need to label or capture it – the mystery and majesty is available to us at all times, swooping by, making contact as needed.

snowy road

Essential Beauty

Beauty is a portal to your divinity, your sacred source. That’s the one thing I know for sure. (Love is the answer – that’s a close second.) Gazing at a Beautiful painting or sunset can calm or uplift you, delight or soothe. Beauty surrounds you, if you are looking through the right lens, and it’s presence elevates your energy. Listening to songbirds or love songs, strolling along a woodland path, licking a melting chocolate cone – your senses appreciate when you indulge in Beauty. The simple Beauties of life. The profound Beauty that hugs your spirit and tickles your soul. Beauty is fun. Beauty is achingly sad. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder – subjective, changing, fading… untrappable, fluid, mysterious. You are Beauty. Beauty communicates, sometimes silently, other times bellowing out her proud and colorful power. Like the wind announcing the storm. The gushing creek announcing the arrival of spring. Let Beauty guide you to the flow.

Olive Branch