Meet Amy

Amy highlineDo you sometimes feel like your life is a bit flat and uninspired? Maybe you’re going through the motions but feel unsatisfied, disconnected, or like you’re swimming upstream?

I was there in 2008. For eight years I’d enjoyed being executive director of an arts & culture non-profit, but I’d gotten sucked into other people’s dreams… I couldn’t even remember if I had any of my own. Soon I left my position and embarked on a journey of exploring what truly moves my soul… and in the process I created Sacred Sensual Living.

Since I can remember, I’ve been fascinated with the intersections where beauty, art, nature, spirituality, sensory experiences and pleasure meet. My heart implored: “DO something with all this beauty!” 

The result is Sacred Sensual Living – it marries the beautiful, sensory world with our soul’s need for meaning and inspiration. It’s how I live and thrive… and I hope you’ll join me.

Sacred Sensual Living shows you how to align with your most authentic self in easy and pleasurable ways. You deserve to feel satisfied and live in an easy flow.that resonates with your heart and soul.

Instead of trying to wrangle yourself into what you or others think you should be, it’s time to expand into your true self. I’m driven by the possibilities I see in people, often before they see those bright lights in themselves. I want help you fulfill your potential for loving fully, following your heart, and having the full-bodied life you deserve.

In case you want a bit more about me…

I love anything al fresco! I take my picnicking seriously and love to create a an array of beautiful and delicious foods to be enjoyed slowly. Under a tree, at a concert, in the woods… a leisurely meal outside is heavenly.

10487212_1448828085369020_9217856946198523477_nI don’t meditate. Not in the traditional sense anyway. Instead I mindfully engage in whatever lights up my senses, like walking in the woods or taking photos just for fun.  It’s an experiential form of meditating that’s easy and pleasurable. Different methods, same results.

The smell of vanilla, a bite of ginger-infused dark chocolate, the sounds of birds singing first thing in the morning, super-soft linen sheets, warm breezes, green eyes, the crescent moon… I could go on about all of the sensory delights that feel good and move my  soul. Life is beautiful and sad, fun and confusing… it’s a journey, and I choose to take the pleasure route.

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