Hi, I’m Amy…

Welcome to Sacred Sensual Living!

I believe you have the power to shape your life into anything you want it to be. Do you?


If you’re ready for each day to feel juicy and rich, where you’re tuned into your most inspired self and flowing along with confidence and joy, Sacred Sensual Living is for you.


Sacred Sensual Living is about combining:


spiritual + physical
internal + external

soul + senses


We all need some guidance on the journey. Maybe you want to ditch stress and overwhelm. You might be ready to move on from self-doubt or feeling stuck. Or maybe you just want to release the mundane so you can embrace the Wonder and Beauty of a well-lived life. I’ve got you.


I’m guessing you want to bring your best self to the world. That doesn’t mean you should be working harder or struggling – far from it. This journey is about feeling good and finding your flow.


Sacred Sensual Living is where you’ll find:


~ tools to make your days feel easy, pleasurable and satisfying
~ how to cultivate your authentic self (the key to everything)
~ new ways to tap into the body-mind-spirit-heart connection
~ inspiration for cultivating of life of beauty, wonder & meaning


Our stunning five-sensory physical world is your playground, and it can help you manifest your ideal life. The key is how your inner self interacts with it. After all, everything stems from within. Let’s make sure you’re tapped in.


Sacred Sensual Living shares the same benefits of meditation and mindfulness: inner peace, clarity and connection. But SSL is experiential – your five senses want to guide you toward what moves your soul… that’s where the magic is.


I’ve been writing about Sacred Sensual Living since 2007 and still it amazes me every day. I’m so excited to share it all with you here… and I’ve got some juicy projects in the works that I think you’ll love. (Make sure to sign up to be the first to learn about those.)


I’m thrilled you’ve joined me here.


Let’s live inspired!


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