Rock Slide

While walking in the woods today, I stopped along the creek bank to say hello to a frog I had grown accustomed to seeing these past few weeks. His coloring caught my eye one day, and since then I’ve looked for him in the same spot and he’s always there. Bronzy brown from the shoulders down, his neck and head are iridescent green. He sits contently on a rock in a crevice that goes from the main path down to the creek. I guess it’s a good fly-catchin’ spot.

Today, my froggie friend wasn’t there. It looked like there had been a rock slide, maybe things shook loose during a storm. I wondered if the frog decided to perch elsewhere today or if his grotto home had gotten damaged so he moved on. Then some darker thoughts crept in: What if he got crushed by the rocks? I looked in the rubble for a sliver of bright green but saw nothing. And then I remembered a post I did in my old blog.  It was about when walking in these same woods, on a path not far from where I saw this frog, I had come upon a snake with its head reared up. When I looked more closely, I saw he was eating a frog whole. I wondered if maybe the bi-colored frog met the same fate.

That got me to thinking about those old blog posts. It’s been nine months to the day since the last entry. I thought maybe I should revisit it to see if I could make anything into a current post and story. But since that time, my own internal rocks have shifted; they’ve slid into different formations, stronger and more stable ones. And I know that those rocks can never go back to the way they were before. Those stories are good, but they’re from another time. That was another frog.

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