Heart Scab

How many people are walking around with a crusty old scab encasing their heart? It’s so hard at this point, blood doesn’t flow in or out. Nor does love.We fall in love and get critically hurt, ER hurt. So we decide too much love is bad. It makes us crazy and stupid. We won’t fall for that again. But we want company, warmth. So we decide to have a practical love, one we can control. That will keep us safe and sound.

Who would we be if we didn’t have those first insane, soul-spinning loves? Would we have remained innocent and willing to dive deeply into love? Maybe we’d just be less interesting, less seasoned.

Those first hurts serve a purpose: they let us know who we are and who we are not, and who we want and who we do not. Because of those times, we become wise and choose better lovers. Ones who truly get us and don’t want to make us crazy. And in the one who is meant for us, we find a new level of passion, soulfulness and life itself.

Love doesn’t have to be crazy to be deeply real. It does have to come from our whole heart though, fully open and soft. If we let someone gently remove our scab, there’s no need to worry, it won’t leave a scar.

How Do You Feel?