Beliefs: What’s in Your Spiritual Toolbox?

We each have our own individual beliefs that we use as tools to help us navigate through life.  Some people who share similar beliefs get together once a week or so to discuss, celebrate and reinforce these beliefs.  The goal of that, in general, is to help each person renew their beliefs and to build community.  That is all positive.  Some people only believe in what they can see and corroborate with visual inspection and hard facts (i.e. the sun rises and sets from our perspective on planet earth).  That is positive too because it helps them understand their life experiences, just using a different tool.What makes no sense and is not positive or construction, is for people to assume that their highly individual and unique beliefs apply to everyone else.  And if someone is making that assumption, it follows that they are not only including Americans, but everyone on the planet.  With all of the variables that have existed throughout history, it is arrogant for one person think that their beliefs apply to everyone who has ever lived.  That they have the answers.  No one has the answers, at least not all of them and certainly not in a way that would apply to everyone alive on the planet now and ever.  If a person is in an influential position, one where their words might be taken or used as the answer, they should realize that there is not merely one prescription, there is not one set of tools that can fix and/or build everyone’s life.  You can’t use a needle-nose pliers to build a house and you can’t use a chainsaw to fix a necklace.

Beliefs are extremely important to those who have them, and for those who don’t need them, that’s their business.  What a person believes is their private and sacred right.  We will never all agree on one set of beliefs because each one of us has a different set of life experiences and no one else can ever fully understand our challenges and growth opportunities. Respect of others’ belief, I believe, is something we should each strive for.  It’s a version of compassion, which is at the core of our evolution – the universal screwdriver.  Let it loosen up and let it fasten together.  It’s a tool that makes our lives work better as long as we don’t assume our screwdriver is right for everyone else’s improvement project.

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