Waxing, Waning – How I Live with the Moon’s Cycles

New Moon > Waxing > Full Moon > Waning

The New Moon is invisible but it brings a fresh energy that’s ideal for new beginnings.  In the two weeks that follow, the energy starts to build and it culminates at the Full Moon.  After that bright moment, the energy recedes again until the next New Moon.

I use this cycle as a guide when planning my creative projects, physical adventures and general life activities.  Kicking off a new project or initiative just after the New Moon gives it a blessed boost.  Then for two weeks I push hard to build, create, brainstorm, plan and initiate.

The Full Moon is a crescendo – the fireworks blast – that carries a manifestation energy.  Things that had been in the works, whether for the last couple weeks or the past six months, start to bear fruit.  Instead of initiating, I start gliding along and things start happening.

As the Full Moon cycle winds up, I find myself tying up loose ends to prepare again for the New Moon.  It’s time to clean the slate and prepare for changing winds.

My life seems to follow this arc quite naturally – ebb and flow, reap and sow.  It’s a peaceful way to organize what could otherwise seem chaotic.

The next New Moon is a solar eclipse, which gives it an extra boost, and it occurs at 8:28 pm (EST) on Thursday, May 9.  Looking forward to a fresh cycle!

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