Authentic Self ~ Authentic Life Workbook

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When you know the ins & outs of your true self – as YOU define yourself – you’re able to create a life that enhances and supports you. This strong foundation helps you show up in the world and shine – you feel satisfied and you inspire others.

Please don’t deny us you brilliance! More importantly, don’t deny yourself. You deserve to live in accordance with what moves you… body-mind-heart-soul. Why else would you have such specific preferences, values and desires?

The Authentic Self ~ Authentic Life Workbook is the first essential step in Sacred Sensual Living. It’ll take you through a process of defining who you are – you’re essential self. You’ll answer questions and dig down to get to your truth. After all, how can you take the sage advice to “be yourself” if you don’t know yourself?

The Workbook is filled with insightful questions, including a whole section devoted to your sensory preferences (this is Sacred Sensual Living after all!). You’ll also learn how to turn “flaws” into advantages and how to avoid the traps of confusion, guilt and self-recrimination.

You’ll apply what you’ve discovered to key life areas such as relationships, work, money, health and creativity (& many more). A clear picture of your ideal life will emerge, and you’ll feel prepared to make it a reality. Finally, there’s a vital guiding question that will help you make better decisions as you intentionally shape your ideal life.

No one else can define you. You’re the expert here, so don’t go giving away your power by merely coasting through your life. That price tag is too high.

Instead, take the controls and give yourself permission to soar into a life that feels 100% YOU. Imagine that for a minute… now make it happen.

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