Feel Good NOW


Here’s permission to feel good… There’s really nothing more important. Give yourself this gift…


When I’ve played the lottery game – that is, imagine what I’d do with all that cash – the first thing on my list always used to be: get a massage. Millions of dollars and I craved a $100 rub down.


Although I knew the physical benefits, I still saved massages for birthday treats or a splurge when my bank account could handle it. The irony was that whenever I did get a massage, everything else seemed to fall into place effortlessly: goods news I’d been hoping for would arrive or an unexpected gift would show up.


Sounds great, right? So, why didn’t I indulge myself more often?

We’re conditioned to believe hard work is the way to success, when actually the key is self-care, self-love and feeling worthy.



I can give you the go-ahead to take time to rejuvenate, but if you don’t feel worthy of tending to your own needs, my words won’t stick.

Fortunately, there’s a win-win secret here: you don’t have to feel 100% worthy before claiming your pleasure. You can start dipping your toe into the feel-good pool right now. Notice the effect that has. You’ll likely reconnect to the most authentic part of you that innately knows you deserve to experience full-on wellbeing.


Try This…


Find a calm and comfortable space to relax in for a bit. Close your eyes and imagine someone handing you a check for 5 million dollars. Nice. You can do anything you want now… travel, buy your dream house, quit your job. That’s all good stuff but let’s narrow it down a bit.


Pretend that the one condition of accepting this money is that you HAVE to spend oodles of it on yourself (not your family, friends, charities, pets). Just on you…


What would make you feel really good? Remember, you have plenty of money, which also buys you time and help. List as many ideas as you like and be specific.


Make sure you hit all the energy bodies… What would you do to nourish your body? To nurture your spirit? To soothe your psyche?


Why It Works


Hopefully you’ve come up with a long list of yummy ideas that feel really good to you! Now, look at your list as a calling from your innermost being – the part of you that feels worthy of all these lovely experiences.


How does it feel just knowing that you are truly aligned with all of this wellbeing?


That feeling is the point of this exercise. Hold it close as you move through your days – let it affect your choices. If your body is yearning to move and stretch, take a break and do it, even if you “don’t have time.” The benefits your body-mind-soul receive will reset your connection to the powerful energy that supports you. Ahh, that feels good.


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