Awaken Your Senses


Take the pleasure route to creating the life you truly want. You deserve it.


Do you feel trapped in a mundane whirlwind? Maybe you get carried along by other people’s needs and can’t find your center. What happened to the life you’ve dreamed about… Is it too late?


Not at all.

Re-connecting with the authentic part of you is easier (and way more fun) than you might think.



Maybe you tried meditation as a way to re-center yourself, but couldn’t quite stick with the practice. Me neither. But I do live in a way that gives me the same benefits as meditation.


When I go for a walk in the woods, I get into a blissful state of serenity, clarity and, flow. With all of my senses engaged in the smells of moss, the feel warm breezes on my skin and the sounds of sweet birdsongs, I am at one with my highest self.


It’s the same when I cook. Although I love making new dishes, I’m terrible at following recipes! Instead I like to feel my way… a bit of these colorful spices, a squeeze of that organic orange. It could be a disaster, but because my senses are all lit up and satisfied, it becomes a creative act that takes me into the soul zone. I easily receiving intuitive guidance about what to do next. Living by your instincts spurs confidence and an easy flow to daily life.


The trick is to then milk that beautiful feeling…

Try This (also good to do with another person)…

Find something to use as a blindfold (yes, we’re going there). Line up several different kinds of foods. For example, a tamari cracker with a pungent cheese, a bite of ginger-infused dark chocolate, a pickled string bean, an organic marshmallow, a spoonful of crunchy almond butter topped with raspberry jam.


After putting on the blindfold, pick up the first one (or let your friend feed you without telling you what it is). Smell it. Take a bite. Savor as you chew. What are the flavors and textures? Is it pleasing? Does the next bite taste more intense because of the flavors before it?


The most important thing is to just be in the moment. Have fun and take your time. Notice how it feels to appreciate the sensations.


Why It Works

Mindfully enjoying sensory experiences opens up a portal to your intuition – the 6th sense that helps you find the flow that matches your highest self. From here you are on an easy path to Sacred Sensual Living.


And of course, there’s the pleasure factor. Pleasurable moments, when really savored, put you into greater alignment with your soul – your soul wants to feel good!


Ready to indulge your senses and access your intuition?


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