Take Control of Your Day


Instead of adding one more thing to your to-do list, try this to center yourself.


Next time you’re feeling out of sorts – annoyed, sad, stressed – find something beautiful to look at. A landscape, a flower, the clouds… anything that appeals to you. It could even be a gorgeous picture online. Maybe it’s your child, and even though they are red-faced and crying just when you are craving serenity, try to find the beauty in their humanity.

Beauty has a way of calming you down and lifting you up at the same time. 


The trick is to take your time. Give yourself a few minutes to just gaze upon the beautiful sight. Feel your shoulders drop and your demeanor soften. Let beauty have it’s way with you. Appreciating it will feel good, and before you know it you’ll be on your way to feeling better.



There’s so much beauty in the world if you choose to see it. It’s there for your pleasure, so allow yourself to take full advantage of it’s ability to soothe and brighten your spirit.


Art, music, nature, conversations, adventures, delicious food, love poems and fascinating cultures – all of these hold glimpses of beauty that can move your soul.

Try This…


Next time you’re at the farmer’s market or grocery store, see the food with new eyes. Notice all of the colors in one mango – so many shades of oranges, yellows, greens. Imagine an artist, maybe Van Gogh or Rembrandt, was painting the mango. How many colors would be on his palette?


How does the mango fit in or stand out from the other produce? Is there a composition forming? Are things arranged in a pleasing way?


As you stroll the isles, especially if you’re in a well-stocked gourmet/natural food store, look at the packaging designs and colors. Is there beauty to be found?


Why It Works


Maybe it’s frivolous that your toenail polish color delights you or that you smile when you see a tall sunflower with its face to the sun. So what?! Simple is good because it’s so readily accessible. You don’t need vistas of the Grand Canyon to wow you when you’re aware that beauty is all around you, just waiting to be noticed.


Isn’t it nice to know you’re almost always within proximity of something that can help you feel better? Find the beauty and in seconds your mood will lift – succumb to it, bask in it. From there you’ll likely want to continue on in that delicious direction.


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