“Claim your life!” That’s what a smiling tarot card reader in New Orleans told me back in 2007. It was one of those cold chills moments. I knew I had to figure out how to fully step into my full-bodied, soul-centered life.

Cut to today: I feel satisfied and inspired everyday (yes, even during the “hard” stuff, which, by the way, has decreased significantly). I claimed my life!

How’d I do it? Well, I followed my passions and interests… et voila, Sacred Sensual Living was born!

I learned how to experience the physical world – tastes, textures, sounds, scents, visuals – as a reliable way to access my inner guidance. I started living via my instincts, which felt like freedom… freedom from shoulda-coulda-woulda confusion and doubt.

My days (and my heart) filled up with peace + clarity + pleasure. Now I meditate by listening to bird songs and watching clouds go by… it’s a big beautiful world that’s ripe with soulful inspiration.

You deserve to feel satisfied and live in an easy flow that resonates with your heart and soul. Instead of trying to wrangle yourself into what you or others think you “should” be, it’s time to expand into your true self.

Sacred Sensual Living shows you how to align with that best version of you – your authentic self – in easy and pleasurable ways. It’s about exploring what lights you up so you can shine brightly in this beautiful world.

For the past year I’ve poured Sacred Sensual Living into a beautiful book – it’s lyrical, practical and interactive. (My editor said it changed her life in profound ways.) I can’t wait to for you to see the unique format and dive into all the deliciousness.

Find me on Instagram @sacredsensualliving to stay updated about that and lots more.

amy-shadow-dancerSo what lights me up?

– Finding magic in the mundane (someone once told me I had “cinematographer eyes”)

– Seeing possibilities in people, often before they see those bright lights in themselves

– Hiking in the woods… I’m so lucky to have many trails right near me

Fully engaging with whatever pleases my senses… guilt free (if that creeps in I know I’m on the wrong track)

– Meandering in new places and taking photos with no agenda… freedom!

– Creating sensory-rich atmospheres that feel satisfying to body-spirit-heart-mind (just yum)

If you’re curious about my pre-SSL days, here you go: I was the executive director of two arts & culture nonprofits, where I curated numerous gallery shows, created special events and developed cultural programs. I’ve also published several articles and a booklet for the National Trust, and I’ve given some talks about film making in historic districts.

Good stuff, but there’s nothing like finding your soul-calling. Unlocking that mystery and making it work for you is so important if you want to thrive. The best (and easiest) way to do that is to connect with your authentic self.

Sacred Sensual Living helps you find that sweet spot. And speaking of sweet spots…

I love anything al fresco! I take my picnicking seriously and love to create a beautiful and delicious spread that I share with friends and loved ones. Under a tree, at a concert, in the woods…


I’m a bit obsessed with our National Parks… beauty, culture & nature!

I love the scent of real vanilla, a bite of ginger-infused dark chocolate, hearing songbirds first thing in the morning, super-soft linen sheets, warm breezes, the crescent moon… I could go on.

Sacred Sensual Living is how I live and thrive… join me!

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