We Need Your Shine

Right now we’re being called to be our most authentic (and powerful) selves. You know you’re there when you feel inspired, enthusiastic, appreciative, passionate… when you’re acting from a place of love (not hate).

Your power lies in tapping into your true self, so find that sweet spot and stay there. Stay connected, regardless of circumstances. Refuse to dim your light.

So yep, it’s time for action. Whether you’re marching, making art or following your dreams, go in with a full heart and focus on what you DO want, what feels good to you.

All that love in your heart is your compass, your foundation, your beacon.

Shine on.

need your shine

Embracing Earthy Energy

Iris budI opened the front door this morning and the sweet, warm smell of freshly mown grass rolled into the house. I peered out over the exploding fuchsia Rhododendron blooms and saw the first irises unfolding their silky layers and splaying into fragile plumes. Bird songs filled the air, like a soundtrack for the cinematic colors and lush textures of spring.Iris4

When the Sun in in Taurus, we’re more in tune with our physical bodies and the pleasure we derive from our sensory experiences. We gravitate toward what nourishes us, both physically and on a soul level. Just-picked strawberries and tender asparagus (or maybe for you it’s bar-b-que’d ribs on the grill) soothe our souls. After the wrapped-up winter, our skin welcomes a brush of soft air and it’s mild enough to linger with another under the stars.

Iris3aIt’s the perfect season to ask: What moves your soul? Maybe it’s cooking an al fresco dinner for friends or going to see live music at your favorite local spot. Indulge. Let yourself feel it, hear it and taste it. Relish. Let the physical world nurture your deepest and most authentic you. Luxuriate. irisPleasure leads to well-being. And well-being is the sister of intuition – you’ll get in tune with the signs and symbols that grace your life and show you the easier, more natural way.

So go ahead and linger in the morning bakery, sip the cold glass of chardonnay in the garden while admiring your irises and give someone you love a back rub. It’s all sweet music to your soul.Iris w&p

Heart Scab

How many people are walking around with a crusty old scab encasing their heart? It’s so hard at this point, blood doesn’t flow in or out. Nor does love.We fall in love and get critically hurt, ER hurt. So we decide too much love is bad. It makes us crazy and stupid. We won’t fall for that again. But we want company, warmth. So we decide to have a practical love, one we can control. That will keep us safe and sound.

Who would we be if we didn’t have those first insane, soul-spinning loves? Would we have remained innocent and willing to dive deeply into love? Maybe we’d just be less interesting, less seasoned.

Those first hurts serve a purpose: they let us know who we are and who we are not, and who we want and who we do not. Because of those times, we become wise and choose better lovers. Ones who truly get us and don’t want to make us crazy. And in the one who is meant for us, we find a new level of passion, soulfulness and life itself.

Love doesn’t have to be crazy to be deeply real. It does have to come from our whole heart though, fully open and soft. If we let someone gently remove our scab, there’s no need to worry, it won’t leave a scar.