Welcome to Sacred Sensual Living

Hi! I’m Amy.

Do you know you’re a sacred being living in a sensual body?

Sacred Sensual LivingYep, you’re designed to enjoy the sensory experiences of this physical world. That’s fun and pleasurable, of course, but there’s another huge benefit: it helps you connect to your inner self – this is the seat of your wholeness and power.

Another bonus? It’s where you find trustworthy answers and guidance.

You know when you’re having a magical day and everything is just working out so well, like people showing up when you need them and little treats landing in your lap? During those times you’re connected to your inner being, a.k.a. your authentic self.

Yes, you are that powerful… Time to own it!

There’s nothing more important than staying connected to that wise part of you – everything you want flows from that sweet spot. So, obviously you want to be in sync with it as much as possible. Sacred Sensual Living is a reliable (and fun) way to do that.

Think about how yoga is a physical act, yet it helps you align you with your center so you can access clarity and peace. The scent of incense, the sound of music, the sight of beauty… all of these physical sensations help you connect with the part of you that is divine.

Sacred Sensual Living is something you can use all day, every day. It helps you extend the bliss you felt after your morning meditation, and it can bring you back from the brink of a midday meltdown.

Instead of another “to-do” on your list, Sacred Sensual Living is a way of BEing in the world. It helps you flow through your days feeling like your true self – and there’s nothing more satisfying than that.

It’s time to put the phone down and savor your real life. Give yourself permission to mindfully enjoy the pleasures of the physical world.

When your senses are engaged, you’re living in the present moment. That automatically frees you from being stuck in the past – it liberates you from dragging around that worn out backpack stuffed with doubt and fear. You don’t need fixing, you merely need to prioritize feeling good: reveling in the warm breezes, noticing the golden clouds floating by and taking a sniff of that fresh lemon.

Ahhhhh… Now that’ some holistic yum.

This website is your hub for all things Sacred Sensual Living. It’s an evolving soul-collage of resources that’ll help you connect with your spirit through your senses.

I’m thrilled you’ve joined me here…

Let’s live inspired!

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