Savoring Sweet Talk

I had the pleasure of meeting my sister’s two year old granddaughter a couple months ago. The blondest blonde firecracker, Nora reminded me how delicious it feels to see the world with innocent curiosity.

After dinner, we walked to “rock park” – a sort of moon landing natural area perfect for sunset watching. Nora climbed up the boulders and scooted down the other side. Skies turned from apricot to lavender to ink. Upon finding a frog, Nora said: It’s time for him to go home and watch Moana.

After walking back, the nightly bath ritual seamlessly led to bedtime. My sister read two stories; Nora was rapt. Then her dad said it was time for Sweet Talk. We each  took a turn telling Nora three things we enjoyed experiencing with her that day.

I told Nora I loved watching her dance in the living room, playing with her on the rocks, and her showing me her aqua-licious bedroom, all sparkles and Disney-esque colors. While each of us spoke (dad, mom, grandma and me, the new friend), Nora was quiet and seemed bashful for the first time that day, but she was all smiles. And then… ahh, peaceful, dreamy sleep.

I loved that this ritual was about shared experiences, not necessarily what someone achieved or how they behaved. It was appreciation for how we communed, and for what we each gave and received.

It’s beautiful, and very powerful, to offer thanks one day each year. On the other 364, we can Sweet Talk to others and ourselves as a way to keep the positive momentum of appreciation going strong.

By focusing on your experiences via taste, touch, sound, sight & smell, you’ll become even more aware of how your senses are helping you align with your inner self. Savor the sweetness of true connection.

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