Hi, You. It’s Me, Amy.

If you’re ready to finally get the answers you’ve always searched for, you’re in the right place.  I can help you see your true self and the big picture of your life clearly so you can move forward confidently. You’ll be rooted in your own authenticity: that’s the foundation that will support all of your beautiful dreams.

You&Me is a hybrid of intuitive counseling + Sacred Sensual Living + life coaching that I created to help you realize all of the possibilities for fulfilling your potential and feeling satisfied day-to-day. It’s based on the integral connection between body-mind-heart-spirit, which makes it super practical and deliciously mystical.

There’s never been a more important time to step fully into who you are. And I mean the one and only, unique and powerful YOU.

Are you ready?

I hope so. But, I know that it’s natural to need some guidance now and then. Maybe you’re feeling stuck, confused or over-whelmed (cue struggle and frustration). Or maybe life just feels a little (or way) less fulfilling than you hoped.

Well, that’s not good enough for you. You’re meant to live out your dreams and desires – that I know for sure.

Amy MastermanSo, what needs to shift for you to finally put all of the pieces together so you can thrive? There’s no sense in continuing to do the same stuff that hasn’t been working.

Let’s create the holistic transformation that will set you free to live your full-bodied, full-color, luscious and satisfying life. (And, we’re going to have fun while doing it, promise.)

Why wait?

The world needs your confident and empowered self to show up and shine, now.

You&Me. Here’s how it goes…

YOU:You&Me intuitive coaching

  • want to fulfill your potential but aren’t sure exactly what that looks like or how to do it
  • often make decisions that turn out badly; or, you’re not even sure how you got to where you are… you feel like someone/something is in control of your life
  • are tired of your days feeling like a grind while others are living the good life
  • get stuck in a whirlpool of fears, doubts and stress; one step forward, two steps back – and you blame yourself for not progressing
  • wonder why the same problems (e.g. failed relationships, getting stuck in jobs you don’t like) keep happening to you (you’ve tried to break the cycle but “failed”)


  • We’ll start from where you are. You’ll talk, I’ll listen. I’ll ask you lot of questions. I’ll look at your astrology chart and a number of other indicators that paint an accurate picture of you.
  • I’ll tell you why you’re getting stuck, how you can be free from limitations, where you can focus more of your energy for better results, what your strengths are and how you can use them in all areas of your life, what you need to watch out for to prevent back-sliding, where you excel and how to make the most of it.
  • We’ll talk about your plans, dreams and desires from a Sacred Sensual Living perspective – this will open up your world in new, inspiring ways.
  • I’ll teach you some experiential methods for making sure you’re always feeling like your authentic self so you can bring that awesome person to everything you do.
  • We’ll make a plan and set out strategies for success; I’ll provide support, accountability and inspiration.

coaching descriptionME:

  • I’ve always had the gift of being able to sense a person’s pure potential – I can go past their external circumstances to feel their energetic truth. People are usually so busy focusing on what’s going wrong that they can’t see what I do: boundless possibilities for soulful expansion.
  • I’m not a professional astrologer, therapist, or nutritionist, but I pull what I need from these and many more areas to help you create holistic wellbeing.
  • I’m an enthusiastic communicator (Gemini sun) who likes to go deep (Scorpio moon) and shine my loving light (Leo sun) to help others see their own gorgeous potential (north node 11th house).
  • Thanks to my strong intuition, I excel at connecting the dots to create a beautiful picture that will give you a-ha moments and invaluable results.
  • I was compelled to create Sacred Sensual Living, and in doing so I transformed my own life from the inside out, and the outside in. I learned so much… I’d been living at half-mast, but now I thrive. The best part is that I work with others who are ready to admit they want more too.


  • $200/one 75-minute session
  • $500/four 1-hour sessions
  • Customized Sacred Sensual Living Program – All of the benefits of You&Me, plus a year’s worth of curated extras, all delivered in a one-of-a-kind immersion experience. (Coming soon.)

After you schedule a session, you’ll receive an invoice, an agreement, and a profile form to fill out. Payment is due before the session. Please return the signed agreement and the profile form a week before your session, if possible.

The 75-minute session is by phone.

The four 1-hour session package:

  • These sessions are by phone or in person (Philly area – walk in a park, coffee shop, hike, etc.).
  • You can let me know if you prefer weekly, bi-monthly, or monthly sessions, or we can decide on the frequency during our first session.
  • Each session will be billed separately a few days prior (or as a lump sum before first session if you prefer)
  • Our momentum will build with each session, so I’ll probably email you in between with various tidbits that cross my path – when I’m focused on you, helpful things will magically appear.
  • I’ll likely give you “homework” – you’ll likely love it.

Please email me at to schedule your first session or if you have questions or want to know more. I’m looking forward to meeting you!

You&Me. Let’s get your dreams into action.


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